Durham’s Finest Trees

Nominate one of Durham’s Finest Trees

 Durham’s Finest Trees program recognizes significant trees in Durham County, promotes discovery and ability to identify trees, and helps preserve the best examples of specific tree species, particularly native and those trees well adapted to Durham County. The program also promotes awareness of trees in our community and hopes to catalog fine examples of magnificent specimens of trees due to their size, setting, historical importance, or significant feature. This initiative is a partnership between Trees Across Durham and Durham County Extension Master Gardeners.

Durham tree lovers of all ages are invited to submit their nominations for significant trees in Durham County on a rolling basis. Nominations received prior to October 1 of each year will be considered for awards that year. Anything received after October 1 will be considered in the following year. Trees on private or public property can be nominated in each of the three categories: largest, historical, or meritorious. Preference will be given to native North Carolina tree species. Non-native trees may be considered if they are of a species, subspecies, variety or cultivar proven to be relatively long-lived and well-adapted to North Carolina. Winning trees will be recognized on Durham’s Arbor Day. Please read the official rules before submitting a nomination.

Resources available are:

Tree nominations can be made as a group such as a family, garden club or school class.  Each tree must have its own nomination form which can be downloaded and mailed to the attention of the Master Gardener Durham’s Finest Tree Committee at the Durham County Cooperative Extension address: 721 Foster Street, Durham, NC, 27701.  A direct link to the tree nomination form can be found here: Nomination Form on the Durham’s City website http://durhamnc.gov/1580/Durhams-Finest-Trees.  If you have questions about the program please contact us by email at durhamsfinesttrees@gmail.com.


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