This blog is updated by Extension Master Gardener Volunteers (EMGV) from Durham County, NC. Our goal is to provide research-based gardening information to the public. If you have a question for the Master Gardeners, please contact us by phone (919-560-0528), or by email (durhammastergardener@gmail.com). Our office hours are Monday – Friday, 9-4.

Public Events
Is your community planning a feast, fair or festival? Invite the Master Gardeners to staff a table at which your guests can have their gardening questions answered. Our “Ask an Expert” program travels all over Durham County to provide this service. Call 919-560-0528 to make a request or learn more.

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  2. Daniel Weinreb

    I am exploring the idea of creating a community garden in Old West Durham (I’m at 1020 Hale St.) The goals are 1) provide people with a space for gardening 2) build community 3) education (I’ve been an active volunteer at SEEDS (seedsnc.org) and have decent gardening and carpentry skills.
    The broad outline is to build a raised bed about 10X50 and offer people the chance to have a 10×10 plot for an annual fee.
    The money would go towards the building materials, fencing, compost and water.
    Would you be able to help me calculate the expense involved, and provide tips on how to organize the project?
    You can reach me at 413 588 4472 or ndweinreb@gmail.com


    Daniel Weinreb
    Hale St, Durham

    1. Good morning, Daniel. I would suggest contacting the Extension office on Foster Street for answers to your question. You can either contact the Master Gardener phone line at 919-560-0528 or visit in person. Our Extension agent has worked with the Briggs Avenue Community Garden extensively. Either she or one of the volunteers in the office should be able to point you to the resources you need. I will also forward your question to the office.

      Good luck!

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