Tomato Grafting Project

Welcome to the page for  Durham County’s Extension Master Gardener Tomato Grafting project.

Tomato grafting is a great way for gardeners to grow their favorite tomatoes on rootstock that is resistant to the soil-borne diseases

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Photo Credit: Marty Fisher

that plague many gardens. When grafting tomatoes, the preferred tomato cultivar (scion) is clipped to a disease-resistant root stock then left undisturbed. By providing the right conditions, the two vascular systems grow together, producing a plant with desirable fruit and strong, resilient roots.

Over the last several months, Durham County Extension Master Gardeners have been working to develop information that will help tomato lovers throughout the Triangle succeed in grafting their favorite tomatoes onto disease-resistant root stock. Check back here frequently for news about the project along with updated listings of information and events.