Become a Master Gardener

What Are Extension Master Gardeners Volunteers?

The Extension Master Gardener Volunteer program began in North Carolina in 1979, and has grown to 88 programs in counties across our state. Extension Master Gardeners Volunteers are trained to help connect North Carolinians with the vast reservoir of horticultural knowledge and research developed at North Carolina A&T University and NC State University. Durham County Extension has nearly 100 volunteers in the Extension Master Gardener program. They help Durham residents learn more about a myriad of gardening topics, answer questions, conduct demonstrations and workshops, and help maintain Durham’s community garden at Briggs Avenue.

Once interns have completed their initial training, Extension Master Gardeners volunteer 40 hours of their time to the community every year. Beyond their initial training experience, they are able to attend lectures and workshops offered by state and national experts.

 How To Apply

The Durham County Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Program conducts a 15-week training program once every two years. The next program will be conducted in 2021.

Call 919-560-0521 to put your name on the list of persons to be notified when details about the application process for the next training become available.

3 thoughts on “Become a Master Gardener

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    1. Please contact the Master Gardener office at (919) 560-0528 and ask to be added to the Master Gardener Training Class mailing list. You will be contacted when informational meetings begin, in late summer/fall 2018. Announcements will also be made on the blog and in other media outlets. Thank you for your interest.

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