Durham Garden Forum

The Durham Garden Forum (DGF) is an informal group that meets once a month to provide information on a wide variety of gardening topics. The forum is run by an advisory committee comprised of Durham County Extension Master Gardener volunteers and community members.

Since its inception in 2009, DGF meetings have been held from 7 to 8:30 pm on the third Tuesday of each month, except during August. For the first 10+ years, lectures were held at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens. In March 2020, DGF moved online via Zoom.  DGF will remain an online lecture series in 2022.  

“We created the Durham Garden Forum to provide members of our gardening community with research-based learning on a monthly basis at low cost,” explains Gene Carlone, a Durham County Extension Master Gardener who was one of the DGF founding members. “We recruit qualified and effective speakers to present research-based information on a variety of gardening topics. Through our lectures, we inform the gardening community of resources available to improve gardening techniques and practices.”

After making DGF free during the pandemic, DGF has returned to a membership model.  Dues for the 2022 calendar year are $25.  (Another option is to pay $10 to attend one lecture.) 

In addition to monthly lectures, membership includes access to a Vimeo library of all recorded DGF programs.  

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