Lawn Reminders

The snow may have kept some of you from fertilizing in mid-February, but there is still a little time to complete this chore. Keep in mind that tall fescue should not be fertilized after March 15th. Here’s a lawn maintenance calendar for your reference: Tall Fescue. Maintenance calendars for other turf types can be found here: TurfFiles

Soon it will be time to start mowing. If your mower was not in good working order when you stored it for winter, take the time to do repairs or have it serviced before your grass needs attention. Be sure to start spring with a sharpened lawn mower blade. Sharp blades cut blades of grass cleanly rather than tearing them. Cleaner cuts help keep your lawn healthy by reducing potential entry points for disease-causing organisms. Remember to check the mowing height to be sure it is set to the proper height for your lawn type.

More Mowing Tips

-Ann Barnes