Learn With Us, week of 11/16

NOVEMBER 18 – Getting Dirty with Durham County Master Gardeners Radio Show  – This week the Enthusiastic Gardener, Charles Murphy, helps us avoid the inevitable pains of working in the garden.  Our host, Harold Johnson, continues his series from the Chapel Hill farmers’ market.  And Lise Jenkins is absent from her garden, instead she is out learning where turkeys come from. Broadcasts Tuesdays at 2:00pm on WCOM FM 103.5  It can be heard live or replayed any time at http://gettingdirtyradioshow.org

Tuesday, Nov 18, 6:30pm – 8:00pm; I Have Elephants in My Garden, So What is Your Problem? – Durham Garden Forum –  Sarah P. Duke Gardens, 420 Anderson Street. Presented by Marie Butler, landscape coordinator for Virginia Zoo and NCSU graduate. $10.00 fee per class or Annual Membership fee. Registration required, contact durhamgardenforum@gmail.com