Trees Across Durham

From the City of Durham Website:

Trees Across Durham

Keepin’ it Shady!

Trees planted as of April 30, 2015 = 2,000.
Trees Across Durham is a broad-based partnership dedicated to making Durham a healthier and greener community now and in the future through the planting and protection of trees, the education of tree care-takers and the general public about how to maintain healthy trees, and the measurement and communication of the benefits trees provide to our environment and community.
You can contribute to the effort by planting your own tree,volunteering, taking a class, or participating in our “Water into Trees” program. Water for Trees lets you donate money to Durham’s Urban Forestry program through your water bill. You can round up each bill, give a one time lump sum, or a flat donation each billing cycle.
Some of the projects we have worked on include planting over 600 trees at public schools, giving away 1,600 tree seedlings to the public, offering a 15-hour Tree Keeper training​, and launching a major effort to control cankerworms​.
Check back to get updates and follow us on Facebook or Twitter​.
If you would like to get involved, fill out this form ​or email​ us.​
Download the Trees Across Durham brochure​.
Trees Across Durham is an effort included in both the City Strategic Plan and the County Strategic Plan​.

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