Learn With Us, week of July 19

July 21, 6:30 – 8:00 PM: 2015 Gardeners’ Fair: Ask the Expert – Durham Garden Forum
Bring your gardening questions to this free event at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens. There will be 13 exhibitors, raffles, and items for sale as well. There will be no charge for parking.

Getting Dirty Radio Show:
July 21 – IPM with Sam Marshall
Integrated Pest Management aims to stop pests from getting a foothold in your garden.  Lise Jenkins talked with Brunswick county Horticulture Agent, Sam Marshall, to learn more about this effective approach to pest control
July 24 – Can Moss Grow on a Rolling Stone
Charles Murphy visited Duke Gardens and got a tour of the Astatic Arboretum from its curator Paul Jones.  Charles learned that while moss can grow on a stone, it needs to stay in one place.

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