Learn With Us, week of October 18

Oct 20 Getting Dirty Radio Show, 2PM on WCOM 103.5
Visit the Terrace Garden at Duke Gardens
The Terrace Garden is one of the oldest sections of Duke Gardens.  Charles Murphy tours the terraces with its curator Mike Owens and finds out there’s always something new to enjoy at Duke Gardens.
Tue, October 20, 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Wildlife Management – Durham Garden Forum
Where: Sarah P. Duke Gardens, 420 Anderson Street, Durham

Bambi is cute- until he mows down your garden! Chris DePerno, Associate Professor, NC State University, College of Natural Resources, will present a number of ways to co-exist with our wilder neighbors. $10.00 fee per class or annual membership fee.
No pre-registration necessary. durhamgardenforum@gmail.com