Storm debris information for residents of Durham County outside of city limits (from

Post Date:02/25/2016

Durham, N.C. – Recent severe weather has left storm debris in its aftermath. Durham County residents are urged to gain an understanding of key information regarding storm debris disposal.

Durham County Government is not responsible for the collection and disposal of storm debris such as tree branches and limbs resulting from weather events in unincorporated areas of the County. Property owners are responsible for the collection and removal storm debris that is on their property.

The following tips may be helpful to residents preparing to rid their property of debris:

  • Check your homeowners insurance coverage as often debris cleanup is covered by insurance and arrangements for its collection would be handled by the insurance company;
  • The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NC DOT ) is only responsible for storm debris that has fallen in the right a way of the road and not debris that has fallen or been delivered along side of the road unless given the authority and funding to do so by State and or Federal Declaration.
  • Residents unable to handle clean up are encouraged contact local lawn, landscaping and tree removal companies to remove vegatative storm debris that has fallen on their property.

Durham County Government does accept yard waste at its four solid waste and recycling convenience sites from citizens with a current 2015-16 Solid Waste Decal.  The County will be adding additional collection containers at each site, if necessary, to accommodate an influx of vegetative debris resulting from the severe weather storm that took place on Wednesday, February 24, 2016.  Acceptable tree limbs should be no longer four feet and have a diameter of six inches or less.

The County’s four convenience sites are located at:

  • Parkwood – 5928 Highway 55, Durham – 919-560-0460
  • Bahama- 9008 Quail Roost Road, Durham – 919-477-8552
  • Redwood-Redwood Road & Electra Road, Durham – 919-682-8200
  • Rougemont-108 Bill Poole Road, Durham-919-477-4325

To contact the Durham Maintenance Office of NC DOT to report downed trees on State-maintained roads in Durham County, residents may call 919-477-2814.

Local electric utility should be contacted to report downed power lines.

For more information regarding solid waste and recycling services in Durham County, contact Durham County’s Solid Waste Program Manager Brian Haynesworth at (919)560-0433, via email at or visit