Plan Ahead for Severe Weather

by Ann Barnes, EMGV

Severe weather is in the news. Do you have a plan in place in case a disaster strikes here? Durham County Emergency Management has a Pre-Disaster Planning Guide available on their website. Even if Irma continues to track west of the Triangle, it’s a good time to create a plan for your home and family (including pets). (Spanish version available here)

Since the current forecast calls for a perfect gardening weekend, take some time to get your yard prepared for possible wind and heavy rain that could affect us early next week. Secure outdoor furniture, garbage cans, potted plants, bird feeders, toys, and any garden art that could blow around and become a projectile. A sheltered location on your property will do if it is not possible to move items indoors. Make sure that outdoor drains and gutters are clear of debris. If you see broken or damaged tree limbs, consider trimming them. Harvest vegetables and fruits growing in your yard. Partially ripe produce will continue to ripen, so don’t let those tomatoes and peppers blow away!