Hoedown at the Farmers Market

by Jennifer Courser, EMGV

Extension Master Gardener Public Events went wild with Halloween Spirit at the Saturday, Oct. 28 South Durham Farmers Market. The team created a rootin’-tootin’ Old West trading post (complete with wildflower seeds and soil test kits!) to assist with consumer horticulture inquiries.

Team members included: EMG Interns Mike James, Jackie Knight, Jayne Boyer and Captain Jennifer Corser (Class of 2013). photo: Jennifer Courser

EMG Intern Jayne Boyer started the Western theme with her inherited cowgirl costume and Event Captain Jennifer Corser took it a step further by making a Trading Post out of the table and tent. “I just went through my husband’s junk in the garage and his kitchen junk drawer and found several rusty treasures,” she said. Among them were an Indian blanket, rusty gas can, powder horn, pioneer clothing irons, rusty potato masher and kitchen tools…you get the picture.” She created a chrysanthemum floral arrangement inside a cowgirl boot for the table and used other kitch-ey Southwest souvenirs as paperweights. “My favorite by far was the crochet cactus dish that EMG Emeritus Sharon Campen gave me years ago.”

The Ask a Master Gardener booth can be found at the Bahama Farmers Market at the Ruritan Club, 8202 Stagville Rd, Bahama, NC on November 5,  the Durham Farmers Market (November 18 is the last one of 2017), at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens (check https://durham.ces.ncsu.edu/ for dates and times), South Durham Farmers Market (the last Saturday of the month from April – October), and at other public events around the county.