To Do in December

Lawn Care
•    Maintain cool season grasses by mowing as needed.
•    Keep tree leaves from collecting on your lawn.

•    Spread ashes from the fireplace around gardens and bulb beds where soil pH is below 6.0.  Avoid acid-loving plants.  (3 lbs of ash = 1 lb of limestone)
•    Now is the time to put out limestone if needed (it takes about three months for lime to change the soil’s pH)
•    Fertilize houseplants as needed.

•    Now is a good time to set out or transplant landscape plants if the ground isn’t frozen.  Be sure to “open up” the root balls on container plants.

•    Prune berry-producing plants, if berries are desired in table arrangements over the holidays.
•    Cut back herbaceous perennials after the frost kills the tops.
•    Any dead or diseased wood can be pruned out anytime of the year.
•    Weeds or unnecessary trees should be removed from the landscape.

•    None

Other Activities
•    Keep your Christmas tree in water and away from heat sources.
•    Poinsettias should be placed in the sunniest room in the house.
•    If you have received your soil recommendations, apply lime as suggested.  Don’t apply fertilizer until spring.
•    Order fruit trees and grape vines now if you wish to plant them in February and March.
•    Cover strawberries with pine straw or wheat barley to protect them from the cold.
•    Continue putting the leaves from your yard into a compost bin.
•    If you cover your shrubs, be cautious and use only burlap or white plastic.

2 thoughts on “To Do in December

  1. Jeanne

    Do you have a citation or other reference for the equivalence formula of 3 lbs. ash = 1 lb. limestone? I have been trying to find information on this without success.

    1. These To Do Lists were published on the website when the blog first started and have been copied/pasted in their entirety. I don’t know the citation for the formula, nor do I know the original author. Sorry.

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