To Do in December

By Gary Crispell, EMGV

The holidays
Are upon us.
It’s cold enough
To prune the euonymus.

Most of the leaves
Have fallen down
And into the compost,
Raked and blown.

The door is closed
On the potting shed.
Most of the garden
Has been put to bed.

But before the year
Turns over anew,
There are a few more things
Left to do.

Lawn Care

Mow the fescue
One more time.
Remove the leaves
To keep it fine.


Landscape plants
Can still be planted
There in that space
Where you’ve always wanted.


Prune the nandina
And red-berried holly,
Arrange them on the table
To make it look jolly.

Herbaceous perennials
Can still be cut back.
While weeds and “bad” trees
Can be thoroughly wacked.


While some think
Spraying is fun,
In the month of December
There should be none.

Other Stuff That is Mostly Fun

The Christmas tree
Really needs water
And will appreciate
Being away from the heater.

To keep your poinsettias
Cheery and bright
Put them in the room
With the sunniest light.

As to your soil recommendations,
Apply the lime.
Save the fert
For the warmer springtime.

If it’s viticulture
Or an orchard you seek,
Order plants now
To plant by March’s second week.

For your strawberries
A sweet straw bed,
Either wheat or pine
A blanket for their heads.

May your holidays
Be blessed and merry
As bright and cheery
As the holly’s berry.

And may next year’s garden
Be like my Grandmother’s,
A bounty for you
And a bounty for others.