Upcoming classes

February 17th – Growing Vegetables and Herbs in Durham County
2-4pm, Sarah P. Duke Gardens
Want fresh vegetables on the table? Successful gardening begins with the planning.
Learn about site selection, planning, soil preparation, transplanting, irrigation, and
weed control.
For more information, please contact Jan Little, janice.little@duke.edu

February 19th – Durham Garden Forum
Jesse Turner, Landscape Architect, will present Art in the Residential Garden
6:30 – 8pm, Sarah P. Duke Gardens
Fee: $10 for non-members

February 23rd – Bonsai – Create Your Own Bonsai Plant
Harold Johnson, Triangle Bonsai Society
Bonsai is a unique combination of art and science, resulting in a dwarfed plant that
is carefully pruned and trained to suit your vision. Harold will discuss the different
bonsai styles and traditions. Then you will learn to use those techniques and begin
your own bonsai to continue to grow and enjoy at home. Plant, container, materials
and soil medium supplied in class for a hardy, outdoor bonsai plant.

9:30am – 1:30pm, Doris Duke Center
Fee: $100; Friends $80
Pre-registration required (parking pass included)

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