Sweet Potatoes

“Sweet Potatoes: From Bed to Table”
April 14, 2-4PM,
Sarah P. Duke Gardens

This looks like it will be a fantastic presentation! It’s FREE, and there’s a tasting!

Everyone will get to taste 9 varieties & share their impressions so you’ll know what slips you want to order and plant in 2013 (or buy at the Farmer’s Market this fall):
5 orange flesh varieties including:
– Beauregard (the most frequently grown)
– Carolina Ruby
– Georgia Jet
– Hernandez
– and NC State’s own patented variety Covington

PLUS  4 white flesh varieties including:
– Bonita and O’Henry (tan skin)
– Japanese and Muraski (purple skin)

We are also going to talk just ever so briefly about the ornamentals….and play the “Sweet Potato” jingle, talk about how Sweet Potatoes are the official NC vegetable and what is the difference between a Sweet Potato and a Yam (trust us, the USDA doesn’t even know this!)

One thought on “Sweet Potatoes

  1. Leanna Murphy Dono

    We have plenty of space for EVERYONE to attend, but do call Sarah P Duke Gardens to register as it helps us know how many chairs (and sweet potatoes) to have! Call (919) 684-3698 to reserve a spot!

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