Gardening in the Age of Pinterest: Dubious Online Garden Tips

Great information from a source I trust -Ann Barnes

Urban Ag Guru

Social media have made it easy to share information the world around. It has made it easy for people to connect and interact more than humans ever have before.

Gardening is a common theme on Facebook, Twitter and, especially, Pinterest. Ideas are easily shared through these sites. It’s great to see such interest in gardening.

Sometimes, however, these ideas should be taken with a grain of salt. It turns out that you can’t believe everything you read online (surprise, surprise).

Ideas coming from anecdotal observations that haven’t been confirmed or tested through research make their rounds on the Internet, causing frustration — and even danger — for unassuming gardeners. I like to call it “gardening in the age of Pinterest.”

Finding accurate information

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As an extension agent, it is my job to teach people about gardening using…

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