Gardening Hotline is Open!

While all Durham County offices remain closed for now, you can still get your gardening questions answered by a Durham County Extension Master Gardener Volunteer.  Yes, even volunteers can work from home!

As Extension master gardener volunteers, our mission is to answer questions specific to your gardening needs — and not just questions about growing heirloom vegetables, or prized roses, or rare trees. Master Gardeners are present to answer any and all of your questions pertaining to indoor and outdoor gardening in Durham County. You can expect a research-based, unbiased answer within a reasonable time frame. Answers are often accompanied by links to additional Internet resources.

Call us at 919-560-0528, or send us an email:

For updates on specific Durham County Cooperative Extension services visit 

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Please complete our survey :)

We’d like to learn more about you and your gardening interests so we have created a brief survey to be completed by followers of our blog. There are just 7 questions plus one comment box (optional) where you can tell us anything you want. (Yes, blog followers who are master gardeners are encouraged to take the survey, too!)

Miniature daffodils. Photo taken April 14, 2019 by A. Laine

If you have a gardening question, please visit us at our office (721 Foster Street, Durham, NC), or contact us by phone (919-560-0528), or by email ( Office hours are Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

In case you missed it, here’s the link to complete the survey:

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Learn With Us, week of January 26

Pruning – South Durham Library
Sunday, January 26⋅3:00 – 4:00pm

South Regional Library
4505 S Alston Ave, Durham, NC 27713
Description: February is usually prime time for pruning and shaping. Charles will discuss the goals of pruning, why it’s NOT cutting back, and how to go about it, including needed tools.

Classes are free. Registration is required.

Register online at the Durham County Library website Click on \”Events\” to find the full calendar of events. Go to the date of the class and sign up.
You can also call the Information Desk at South Regional Library to register: 919-560-7410.