Learn With Us, week of October 16

Wild & Native Edible Plants / Durham Garden Forum
Tue 10/18 6:30pm – 8pm
Sarah P. Duke Gardens, 420 Anderson Street, Durham, NC

The earth has fed people and other animals as long as we have existed. But, most of us do not connect the ‘stuff’ that grows outdoors (beyond farms) with our dinner tables. Marc will take us on a whirlwind tour of edible plants in our own backyards.
Presented by Marc Williams, executive director, Plants and healers International
Lecture Fee: Forum Members Free with $25.00 Annual Membership
$10.00 fee per class for Non-Members, payable to Durham Garden Forum
No pre-registration necessary. Free parking after 5:00 pm

Where: Doris Duke Center
Contact: durhamgardenforum@gmail.com