E-Waste Recycling & Paper Shredding Event – rescheduled

Hosted by the City’s Solid Waste Management Department, the E-Waste Recycling and Paper Shredding event will be held on Saturday, February 24 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Durham County Memorial Stadium on the home side parking lot, located at 750 Stadium Dr. Staff will be on hand to assist with unloading old electronics and paper.

E-waste Recycling
Nearly all electronic devices with a cord will be accepted including:
•  Computers, laptops, keyboards, mice, printers, monitors, speakers, copiers, scanners, circuit boards, hard drives, computer parts, etc.
•  Televisions, stereo equipment, tape players, receivers, amplifiers, record players, etc.
•  Kitchen electronics, such as microwaves, mixers, blenders, choppers, etc.
•  Telephones, cell phones, and fax machines
•  Hair dryers, curling irons, alarm clocks, and vacuum cleaners
•  Power tools, cordless tools, etc.
•  Electronic toys, such as keyboards and video game systems
•  This event will NOT accept large appliances, refrigerators, air conditioners or any other appliances that contain Freon in non-working condition.

Paper Shredding
Confidential paper shredding will also be provided on site. Shredding requirements include:
•  Paper may contain paper clips and staples; however, hanging file folders will not be accepted.
• Only paper should be brought for shredding. CDs, DVDs, and other non-paper items will not be accepted.
• All paper should be loose and not in binders or other binding items made of non-paper.