Extension Gardener Seminars for August

August 11 – Cool Season Vegetables 3-4 pm North Regional Library. Please join a Durham Extension Master Gardener Volunteer for a talk on Cool Season Vegetables: what to grow, when to start from seed, what from transplants, how to figure out crop rotation and manage pests. Seminar is free but registration is required 919-560-0231

August 18 Container Gardening Around the World 3-4 pm South Regional Library. Container Gardening is a hot garden topic. Come get ideas for container gardening from around the world to use in your garden from a Durham Extension Master Gardener Volunteer. Seminar is free but registration required 919-560-7409

August 25 Eggs Over Easy 3-4 pm East Regional Library. Seminar is free but registration required 919-560-0203

Too Many Veggies?

Did you plant too much this year? Do you have more vegetables than you, your neighbors, and your friends can eat? Would you like to share with the less fortunate?

If so, please check out this opportunity:

AmpleHarvest.org is a nation-wide nonprofit campaign—backed by the USDA, the White House, and Google—that is connecting backyard and community gardeners who have a bountiful harvest with local food pantries that are ready and able to accept donations of fresh food.

AmpleHarvest.org provides the only free, searchable, online database of food pantries across the country so that gardeners can find a convenient location to donate.  So, next time a gardener has a bigger harvest than they can handle, instead of throwing the fruits of their labor in the compost pile, they can feed hungry families in their community.  Check out our Master Gardener page at www.AmpleHarvest.org/MG or home page at http://www.ampleharvest.org/index.php



Squash bugs

Squash bugs have been spotted in gardens around Durham. This pest attacks all members of the cucurbit family (which includes squash, cucumbers, pumpkins, and melons). Scouting for and removing the eggs and insects is an environmentally friendly way of controlling the population and reducing the use of pesticides. Check your plants several times per week, looking at the undersides of leaves as well as the tops. Once you learn to recognize the pests, the job is fairly simple.

Squash bug eggs can be wiped or gently scraped from the leaf surfaces by hand. Destroy (squash) the eggs so they don’t hatch!

squash bug eggs

Squash bug nymphs: Just squash them. Wear gloves – they have a bad odor.

squash bug nymphs

Adults (yes, squash them too – with your gloves on)


Photos from Missouri Botanical Garden


Mid-April Classes

April 14, 2-4pm: Sweet Potatoes: Bed to Table

Sarah P. Duke Gardens, 420 Anderson St Durham, NC 27708
Meet at the Burpee Learning Center in the Charlotte Brody Discovery Garden to work alongside an expert as you learn more about vegetable gardening

Join a Durham County Extension Master Gardener to learn all about growing sweet potatoes and ornamental sweet potatoes, variety selection, and management. Call 919-668-1707 or email slsmith@duke.edu to register for this event.

April 16, 6:30 – 8 pm:  Durham Garden Forum – Ground Covers with Doug Chapman of Plantworks.

Sarah P. Duke Gardens, 420 Anderson St Durham, NC 27708

Please join the Durham Garden Forum for a presentation on Groundcovers with Doug Chapman of Plantworks Nursery. There is a $10 fee for nonmembers. For more information or to register email durhamgardenforum@gmail.com

April 20, 10am – 12pm: Gardening with Allergies
West Point on the Eno Park
5101 North Roxboro Road
Durham, NC 27704

Are you someone that loves gardening, but you
hate how you feel while you are in your garden?
Join us as a master gardener teaches about ways
to garden with allergies. For more information:
Phone: 919-471-1623, option 2
E-mail: Jessica.Leff@Durhamnc.gov

April 21 2-4pm: Talkin Tomatoes 

Sarah P. Duke Gardens, 420 Anderson St Durham, NC 27708
Meet at the Burpee Learning Center in the Charlotte Brody Discovery Garden to work alongside an expert as you learn more about vegetable gardening

Please join and Durham Extension Master Gardener Volunteer in the Burpee Learning Center in the Charlotte Brody Discovery Garden to learn all about growing your own tomatoes just in time for tomato planting season. We’ll cover soil prep, recommended varieties, pest management, planting and training methods and much more. To register contact 919-668-1707 or email slsmith@duke.edu

In the News

Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Leanna Murphy-Dono recently presented a class entitled “Growing Vegetables and Herbs in Durham” at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens. A reporter from The Herald Sun was in attendance and wrote about her experience here: http://www.heraldsun.com/news/localnews/x670454113/Time-to-start-gardening#.USOsb92xm2A.email

Other talks in the “In the Garden: the Master Gardeners’ Extension Gardener Series” will be held at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens as well. All classes are from 2-4 pm. The schedule includes

March 24 “Love that Lettuce”, April 14 “Sweet Potatoes from Bed to Table”, April 21 “Talkin’ Tomatoes & Okra & Eggplant”, May 5 “Worms in My Garden – Vermicomposting”, May 19 “Buzz About Bees” and June 9 “Crawlin’ Cucurbits – Gourds, Squash and Pumpkins”

Another series of lectures by Master Gardeners takes place at the North Regional Library on Milton Road. Topics and dates are:

4/28 Durham Gardening Basics for Natives & Transplants
5/5 Outsmarting the Garden Critters
6/2 Water Wise Gardening
8/11 Cool Season Vegetables
9/29 Durham Urban Trees

Call 919.560.0231 to pre-register for these FREE programs: All programs from 3-4 p.m.