Soil Solutions: a resource for teachers

Soils Solutions is aligned to meet the North Carolina’s third grade science standard course of study in plant and soils, the curriculum draws from current research and knowledge in crops, horticulture and soil sciences.  This training is designed to help students make the the connection between soil and where their food comes from. For more information contact Durham County Extension Office at 919-560-0526. For other North Carolina Counties contact your local office. Find your county center.

Soil Solutions brims with hands-on science lessons that utilize the local school landscape to connect students to the world of soils and plants in an inviting and relevant way. Students will discover the soil beneath their feet, watch as a basil seed germinates before their eyes and nibble on nutritious and delicious salad greens they have grown themselves. Activities are structured to foster wonder and curiosity and encourage ways to turn student questions into investigations. The teacher’s role becomes one of a collaborator and a partner in inquiry with their students.