In the News

Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Leanna Murphy-Dono recently presented a class entitled “Growing Vegetables and Herbs in Durham” at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens. A reporter from The Herald Sun was in attendance and wrote about her experience here:

Other talks in the “In the Garden: the Master Gardeners’ Extension Gardener Series” will be held at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens as well. All classes are from 2-4 pm. The schedule includes

March 24 “Love that Lettuce”, April 14 “Sweet Potatoes from Bed to Table”, April 21 “Talkin’ Tomatoes & Okra & Eggplant”, May 5 “Worms in My Garden – Vermicomposting”, May 19 “Buzz About Bees” and June 9 “Crawlin’ Cucurbits – Gourds, Squash and Pumpkins”

Another series of lectures by Master Gardeners takes place at the North Regional Library on Milton Road. Topics and dates are:

4/28 Durham Gardening Basics for Natives & Transplants
5/5 Outsmarting the Garden Critters
6/2 Water Wise Gardening
8/11 Cool Season Vegetables
9/29 Durham Urban Trees

Call 919.560.0231 to pre-register for these FREE programs: All programs from 3-4 p.m.