Learn With Us, week of May 31

June 2
It’s June and Summer is Here – Getting Dirty Radio Show
Our growing season is underway and there are many things to consider.  Monarch butterflies have started their migration.  You can do a lot to help them overcome some of the challenges they face.  Your kitchen scraps have a lot more value than you may realize.  Find out how to grow roses sustainably without a lot of chemicals.  Do you know any champion trees —find out who these giants are.  Native plants have a lot to offer gardeners. Listen to the show live on WCOM on Tuesdays at 2:00pm or anytime at http://gettingdirtyradioshow.org/
June 5
Will We Lose the Monarch Butterfly – Getting Dirty Radio Show
While Monarch populations are falling at an alarming rate, there are steps we can take to help protect these iconic beauties.  Amy Hill brings us some timely tips con consider. Listen to the show live on WCOM on Tuesdays at 2:00pm or anytime at http://gettingdirtyradioshow.org/