Introducing Our Team

Ann Barnes: Once the sole blogger here, Ann is happy to welcome additional writers who will be contributing on a regular basis. She will continue to write and serve as the blog administrator. Ann studied plant pathology at NCSU and wants to identify every disease and insect in her garden. She also enjoys disproving gardening myths that she reads on social media. She works part-time as a school garden coordinator and has been a Master Gardener Volunteer since 2011.

Andrea Laine: Ornamental gardening has been a hobby and interest of Andrea’s for some 30 years. She cringes when people refer to toiling in soil as “yard work.” To her, all gardening is an honorable endeavor. Even weeding! She moved to Durham from the Northeast three years ago and, given Durham’s hot summers, is happy to have a woodland garden with a fence that keeps deer at bay.

Wendy Diaz: Wendy is a Canadian transplant and for the past 16 years has enjoyed gardening in all our four seasons.  She is a life-long gardener and also enjoys, biking, reading, and traveling. Wendy holds a B.Sc. in Geological Sciences from Queen’s University in Kingston and a Masters of Science in Hydrogeology from Memorial University of Newfoundland. She has retired from here career in Environmental consulting.  Wendy enjoys volunteering in our community and is a new Master Gardener Volunteer, working on the Radio Show and Durham Finest Trees committees.

Kathryn Hamilton: Until she finished her Master Gardener training in 2015, Kathryn Hamilton has been an “accidental gardener.” Now, understanding the importance of key issues such as “the right plant in the right place,” she is looking forward to being a much more productive member of the Triangle gardening community. Professionally, she is a writer and a marketing consultant.

Karimah Abdusamad: Karimah has been gardening locally since 2001.She is permaculture certified and a beekeeper. As a Master Gardener Volunteer her interests are school gardens and increasing pollinator plants in the Durham community.