To Do in October

Lawn Care
•    Tall fescue lawns can be seeded out this month.  Mulch seeded areas with wheat or barley straw.
•    Be sure to water newly seeded areas.
•    There is no need to fertilize warm season grasses like centipede and zoysia.
•    Keep tree leaves from collecting on your lawn.
•    Preemergents herbicides can be applied to prevent winter annuals

•    Fertilize spring flowering bulbs at planting with a balanced fertilizer.
•    Store fertilizer in a dry location so it can be used next spring.

•    If you don’t use your garden through the fall and winter months, consider planting a cover crop like annual rye, barley, or wheat.
•    Plant spring flowering bulbs like daffodil, tulip, crocus and hyacinth.
•    Now is a good time to set out or transplant landscape plants.  Be sure to “open up” the root balls on container plants.
•    Plant or transplant peonies this month.
•    Pansies can also be set out this month to add color to the landscape.

•    Cut back herbaceous perennials if an early frost kills the tops.
•    Any dead or diseased wood can be pruned out anytime of the year.
•    Weeds or unnecessary trees should be removed from the landscape.
•    Root prune any plants you plan to move next spring.

•    Poa annua, henbit, and other winter annuals can be controlled with the same preemergent herbicides used to control crabgrass.
•    Control the following woody weeds by spraying the recommended herbicide: trumpet creeper and blackberry.
•    Insects and diseases can be more severe in the autumn, keep a close eye on your fall vegetables.
•    Store pesticides in a secured, dry location that will not freeze.
(Pesticides should be used sparingly!  Use only when needed and always follow the label)

Other Activities
•    Prepare houseplants to reenter your home.  Check them carefully for insects.
•    Clean up and put away unused gardening equipment so it will be ready for the spring.
•    Take soil samples of your lawn and garden. Remember – a soil test fee is charged during the peak season (December through March). Test now to avoid this.
•    Prepare bird feeders.
•    Dig and store summer bulbs like gladioli, dahlia and caladium before frost.
•    Dig sweetpotatoes this month before frost kills the plants.
•    Start putting the leaves from your yard into a compost bin or use them as mulch in your garden.