Getting ready for a hurricane

What To Do Before a Hurricane Arrives
Here are’s suggestions for what to do 36 hours prior to a hurricane:

  • Turn on your TV or radio in order to get the latest weather updates and emergency instructions.
  • Build or restock your emergency preparedness kit. Include a flashlight, batteries, cash, and first aid supplies
  • Plan how to communicate with family members if you lose power. For example, you can call, text, email or use social media. Remember that during disasters, sending text messages is usually reliable and faster than making phone calls because phone lines are often overloaded.
  • Review your evacuation plan with your family. You may have to leave quickly so plan ahead.
  • Keep your car in good working condition, and keep the gas tank full; stock your vehicle with emergency supplies and a change of clothes.
  • Never drive through flooded streets. Water may be deeper than you expect.
  • Make sure you have food that can be prepared without electricity, drinking water, and any necessary medication before a hurricane arrives. Don’t forget your pets.
  • You may want to have cash on hand in case the power is out for several days.
  • Around the house and garden, make sure to secure garbage cans, grills, outdoor furniture, hanging baskets and planters, bicycles and toys, and any other objects that could become airborne in high winds.

Additional Sources:

-Compiled by Ann Barnes, EMGV