Control for Cankerworms in the Fall


by Ann Barnes

Cankerworms, those little green inchworms that drop from trees in the spring, are not usually a pest that crosses our minds in the fall. However, if you have had issues with cankerworms in previous years, you can band your trees now to lessen next spring’s population. Banding involves wrapping the trunks of trees with paper or cloth strips, then applying a sticky substance called Tanglefoot. Adult cankerworms pupate in the ground below trees. Females are wingless, and crawl up tree trunks to lay their eggs on twigs. Fall cankerworms, one of two species commonly found in our area, pupate in late fall. Treating now will trap females, keeping them from reproducing. If these traps are kept in place and maintained through April, spring cankerworm populations will also be reduced.

The video below shows how to treat your trees.