Learn With Us, week of December 11

Conserving Essential Wildlife Habitat / Durham Garden Forum
Tue 12/13 6:30pm – 8pm
Sarah P. Duke Gardens, 420 Anderson Street, Durham, NC

We have all heard the statistics – one of every three bites we take are dependent upon a pollinator. Laura Stroud joins us tonight to talk about where wildlife and pollinators live in our communities and how we can help them thrive. Hear about conservation efforts in the Triangle and how essential preserves and green corridors are to our health and wellbeing. These efforts also help provide clean water, save our soil, reduce pollution, identify key ecosystems and safeguard our quality of life.
Presented by Laura Stroud, conservation and stewardship associate, Triangle Land Conservancy
Lecture Fee: Forum Members Free with $25.00 Annual Membership
$10.00 fee per class for Non-Members, payable to Durham Garden Forum
No pre-registration necessary. Free parking after 5:00 pm
Where: Doris Duke Center
Contact: durhamgardenforum@gmail.com